Oxford World Builders


Hi, I'm Sophie, and I'm the president of Oxford Worldbuilders. What started as idle ideas between Harry Potter Society members has turned into nerve-wracking but ultimately enjoyable fundraiser. When I'm not inviting people to donate to a good cause, I study law, read books and enjoy cooking.


Hello there! I'm Natasha and I help Sophie with the general running of Oxford World Builders. My aim is to make people aware of the brilliant work which Heifer International do. I'm reading Mathematics at St Anne's.


I'm Gregory and I am reading mathematics at Pembroke and I'm the treasurer of Oxford Worldbuilders Society. Although, I have not read any of Patrick Rothfuss' books, I was roped into the role and will help the cause. My interests include Minecraft, board games and writing speaches for websites representing worldbuilders.


I'm Joshua, and it turns out my degree isn't just in DVD players. Like Greg, I've not read any of Patrick Rothfuss' books, but I suspect I will be forced to shortly.


Hi, I'm Michael and I study Chemistry. Mostly, I'm a Harry Potter nerd and massive book lover, whose dream includes writing his own. Can often be seen around the internet and gaming unless distracted by pizza.


Emma's our welfare officer, fulfilling many roles in our band of 5(ish), but mostly keeping us all sane and happy