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Heifer International

Heifer Internation has aided families and communities in over thirty countries over the course of 70 years. By providing training, education and lifestock, it helps people to create a sustainable living. To date, over 18.5 million families have been aided by Heifer in lifting themselves out of poverty. Heifer ensures that their legacy continues in these communities through its program of ‘Passing on the Gift’, an initiative that encourages those who have received resources from Heifer to pass on a gift to other members of the community, after their income is firmly established.

Oxford Worldbuilders

Inspired by the international Worldbuilders campaign, we are raising money for Heifer International through literary and geeky means. We’re hosting a series of events, as well as raising awareness in our local community of the work that Heifer carries out, and how anyone can help through donations and fundraising.

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